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What is Invisalign and how it works

Invisalign represents the most used Invisible Orthodontics system in the world. It is a technique that involves moving the teeth through the use of transparent masks that are changed periodically to obtain the programmed result. It is a safe and effective method that can be used in many clinical situations.

Computer Guided Implant Surgery

Through this largely computerized workflow, we are able to plan implant placement with high accuracy before surgery. Way we can speed up the surgical procedure, being able to foresee the necessity of eventual grafts or bone regeneration, with advantages for the patient.

Oral post-cementation oral hygiene tutorial

After making and cemented prosthetic restorations, crowns or veneers, in the aesthetic area it is necessary to pay close attention to oral hygiene. Gingival tissues must be treated with special methods to prevent recessions or imperfections in the areas of the prosthetic margins.