Valenti Dental Practice - Pordenone, Friuli, Veneto

Valenti Dental Practice in Pordenone

The Valenti Dental Practice was set up in 1978 to look after the oral cavity health of our patients and prevent dental pathologies. Since then we have always worked with full commitment and passion. Our work organization and methodology provide personalized treatment based on the specific needs and desires of the individual. Our staff is fully committed to creating a friendly atmosphere with a view to improving the patient-surgeon relationship.

    Valenti Dental Practice: News

  • July/August 2009: Quintessence International

    A research by Dr Marco and Alessandro Valenti on Lithium Disilicate based Crowns has been published on the prestigious international journal Quintessence International. The article can also be found in PubMed.

  • November 2013: Dr A. Valenti Post Grad

    Dr Alex Valenti obtained his post-grad in Oral Surgery from Milan University with a final evaluation of 70/70 cum laude.

  • October 2013 AIOP Annual Course in Prosthodontics

    Dr. Marco Valenti was invited as lecturer to talk about luting and maintaining metal free prosthesis.

  • June 2013: AIOP 15th Closed Meeting

    DOTT. MARCO VALENTI will lecture during the Italian Accademy of Prosthodontic on METAL FREE CERAMICS: STATE OF THE ART AND INNOVATION.

  • March 2012: Honorary Commander

    Dr Alex Valenti is the new Honorary Commander of the 31st FW Dental Squadron.

  • 1st June 2011: Italian Dental Journal

    IDJ published an article written by Dr. Alessandro Valenti on INVISALIGN and the mamagement of othodontic cases with invisible trays.

  • 9th April 2011: POIESIS

    Dr. Marco Valenti has been invited at the Meeting organized by POIESIS in Padua to lecture on this subject: Complex cases where to start from?

  • March 2011: Dental Cadmos

    The italian journal Dental Cadmos approved and printed an article by Dr A. Valenti written with the oral surgeons from University of Milan Dr. A. Pispero and Dr. S. Celestino: Use of double therapy aspirin + Clopidogrel: risks in dentistry

  • 30th October 2009: Oral Pathology, Continuing Education

    Dr. Alessandro Valenti will be talking, with Prof. Lodi from Università di Milano, to the doctors of the US AB of Aviano about oral pathology and diagnostic oral biopsies